George H. Clougher

At A Glance:

“Since 1990, I have been helping clients achieve a secure retirement income by paying special attention to their necessary costs of living and the consequences of long term care expenses.  This is accomplished by thoughtful planning and analysis to determine the best use of your retirement savings to create a guaranteed income for life.  This approach creates a secure retirement strategy resulting in a “paycheck for life” that cannot be outlived. It is not dependent on potentially volatile returns but on a steady strategy without losses.  My mission is to show you how to legally, morally and ethically increase you income and decrease your taxes using ‘safe money strategies’ and leave a legacy for your heirs.”

Advisor Overview:

George has over 18 years of financial services experience and is an MBA. He also is a Certified Long-Term Care Consultant with over 10 years helping clients deal with this very sensitive issue.  George analyzes is client’s lifestyle and retirement plans paying special attention to their necessary costs of living making sure there is an adequate guaranteed stream of income to cover them. This is accomplished with a thorough review of the current savings strategies to determine if they meet their income goals.  He also makes sure the consequences of a long term care situation have been thoroughly researched for it’s effect on their retirement income.

We are excited to Highlight George Clougher as an excellent AFA Advisor.  If you would like to learn more about George you can click here to see his professional Facebook page!

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