How to Achieve Your Financial Goals

If ever there was a question worth asking… that’s a good one.  It seems that more and more we live in a place in time where financial security and financial good sense, pun intended, is an elusive concept.  In 2017 who truly models good sound financial decision making?  Our Government and political leaders?  The United States banking system?  Surely the financial planners, money managers and trusted advisors are a lead worth following.  Or is the reality more cynical?  In the American of 2017 have we lost a true compass to financial security and good sense.

The truth is that by almost all statistical standards, yes, Americans, by in large, do not understand how to achieve their financial goals.

In our opinion, and many others in the financial community, there is a new normal that america is dealing with when it comes to their financial IQ and the decisions they face.  Every Tuesday the AFA I Financial Blog will be addressing the topic of succeeding in this new normal.  Be on the look out for these weekly posts and learn how to thrive, not just survive, in the financial new normal.

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